The Sept. 18 editorial “Hopes, dreams and Policy 45003” praised Montgomery College for being an outlier in giving taxpayer-subsidized tuition benefits to illegal aliens. The college is an outlier because it is an outlaw, a point the editorial did not address.

Federal law prohibits such benefits unless they are specifically provided by a state legislature. Likewise, Maryland law requires that tuition be based on a student’s lawful residence, which illegal aliens are unable to establish in the state. The Maryland Dream Act, which specifically provides in-state or in-county tuition rates for illegal aliens, is on hold and may be subject to a referendum by voters on Election Day 2012. But the trustees of Montgomery College seem to want to write their own rules, no matter the law.

For The Post to say that opponents of this illegal policy “enjoy bashing illegal immigrants” is inappropriate and uncivil. We and the citizens and legal residents who oppose this policy want public officials to obey the law and not abuse the public office entrusted to them. This fight is as much about the misguided political appointees governing Montgomery College as it is about taxpayer handouts to immigrant lawbreakers.

Tom Fitton, Washington

The writer is president of Judicial Watch, which is representing the sponsor of the drive to place the Maryland Dream Act on the 2012 ballot. The group also is representing three taxpayers in the legal challenge to Montgomery College’s policy granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.