Whoa! The president of the United States in the same side mirror as Lance Armstrong, Rob Ford and Miley Cyrus on the cover of the Dec. 29 WP Magazine?

The latter three seem to be trying to “enhance” their lives with the opposite of service (read: drugs, fame, fortune). Did President Obama really deserve to be in that same frame?

The Post might have meant this to be funny, but it wasn’t.

Katha Bollfrass, Charlottesville

I loved the Dec. 29 WP Magazine’s illustration of a skeleton waiting endlessly for a computer to load HealthCare.gov. It brought me back to 1968 in Saigon, where I was then stationed.

On the wall of my office was pasted a cartoon of a uniformed skeleton holding a phone, with a map of the Republic of Vietnam on the wall behind. From the phone emanated the message: “Sir . . . sir, your call to Nha Trang is coming through.” The more things change. . . .

Paul S. Frommer, Alexandria