Regarding Mahbub Majumdar’s Aug. 2 Thursday Opinion essay, “The pure genius of U.S. immigration policy”:

I’m a U.S. citizen. For me that was very easy; all I had to do was wake up after birth and, voilà, I’m a citizen! On top of that, I was also very, very lucky: I’m a white male. It just doesn’t get any luckier than that in the United States of America.

For immigrants, it’s a bit harder. Just getting here is arduous. Usually they have to travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles in buses, on ships, on trains, on top of trains, by foot.

“They” are not sending their best, but their best are coming here. It takes courage, commitment and smarts to make that journey. Small wonder they are some of our brightest citizens.

Bob Bailey, Silver Spring

Thanks to Mahbub Majumdar for highlighting the contributions of immigrants. News of the Fields Medal is obviously buried by all the political hoopla and needs to be shared. Our nation is made of immigrants, with the exception of Native Americans. There is a lot to celebrate and appreciate.

Christine Matthews, Washington