The July 16 front-page article “A free ride to U.S. — with costly risks,” created misleading impressions about Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM).

By inference, the article’s mention of KCSM created the misperception that the company engages in the mistreatment of migrants and knowingly allows its trains to be used for illegal immigration and criminal behavior. These are simply not true. KCSM does not operate in the area of Mexico where Central American migration is prevalent. Migrants are not riding on the tops of KCSM freight trains from southern Mexico to the U.S. border — contrary to any impression left by the front-page photo accompanying the article. KCSM does not participate in or condone the abusive treatment of migrants.

KCSM has a robust security system in Mexico aimed at preventing trespassing by migrants and others. It has made substantial investments to increase the security of its railway operations and works closely with Mexican immigration authorities to ensure proper treatment of migrants who may illegally try to use the railroad.

José Guillermo Zozaya Délano, Mexico City

The writer is president and executive representative of Kansas City Southern de Mexico.