What is clearly missing from the proposed deal with Iran [“Kerry will make case to Congress on Iran,” front page, Nov. 11] is any sense of symmetry. The present situation is that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons capability and Congress is preparing additional economic sanctions. Hence, if the proposed deal requires Iran only “to temporarily freeze elements of its nuclear programs,” then the United States and the other countries involved should only temporarily freeze sanctions at the current level.

The proposal to ease sanctions during a temporary freeze would allow Iran to sufficiently recover from damage to its economy to allow it, at some point in time, to call off the freeze and complete its nuclear-weapons program.

Albert Arking, Potomac

One essential requirement must be included in any pact with Iran, whether interim or long-term: the unfettered, unlimited and unbreakable right of U.N. inspectors to examine any nuclear-connected facility in Iran at any time and on a moment’s notice. Unless such an assurance is publicly included in clear and precise language, any pact will have neither the respect of the world nor the assurance of enforceability essential to making it a meaningful international agreement.

Allan Mendelsohn, Washington