I was delighted to read Yo Jeremijenko-Conley and Dalton Conley’s March 30 Outlook commentary, “Was Daddy rich? Maybe you should pay more in taxes.” It made a good start by addressing one of the smaller inequities in life: Some people have rich parents.

A much larger economic inequity is that some children are born in the United States and others in Third World countries. There is an obvious and urgent need to address this by unrestricted immigration from these countries, coupled with forced emigration of everyone born in the United States to the Third World.

John Blackwell, Centreville

The point of tax policy is not to ensure more-equal outcomes in life. Taxes are collected to pay for needed and desirable expenses of our government. We accept that the more fortunate among us will pay more because we can — not because it is unfair that some have more than others. In fact, the most valuable thing you can inherit is the work ethic to do well in school and achieve later, despite obstacles, and the optimism to try.  

Kathy Pascale, Rockville