Regarding the June 14 editorial “Catastrophe could lie ahead in Yemen”:

For more than three years, the United States has supported the Saudi-led coalition’s bombardment of Yemen. The destruction of Yemen’s medical and sanitation infrastructure has led to the spread of cholera to more than 1 million people.

Initial claims that the conflict would be brief were false, and the scale of misery has reached epic levels. Millions are on the brink of starvation, and more will suffer after coalition attacks on the port city of Hodeida, which will starve international aid.

There’s no military solution to this conflict. Instead of supporting coalition attacks on Hodeida, the Trump administration must push for political reconciliation. I voted to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia and end U.S. participation in this war. We must cease our support of this deadly conflict and instead work to bring peace to the region. Millions of lives depend on it.

Dianne Feinstein , Washington

The writer, a Democrat, represents California in the U.S. Senate.