Opinion: When a giant passes

When you know someone so good,

so generous and kind

and they die,

it breaks your heart.

It feels unfair to have to say goodbye.

You know that the world was better when they were around,

and it’s devastating that nothing can bring them back.

It’s daunting to lose someone larger than life.

You wonder how you can go on without them ...

But there is a silver lining: People of such stature have huge feet!

Hence the expression “big shoes to fill.”

Such feet leave behind clear footsteps.

So clear that everyone who loved them can see.

And you will find some comfort together,

as you follow the path they left behind.


This week The Post lost its editorial page editor, Fred Hiatt.

He was a giant.

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Sergio Peçanha is a visual columnist at the Opinions desk of the Washington Post.