Opinion: George Will’s 2022 Opening Day Quiz

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After he led the National League in errors, Cubs shortstop Roy Smalley said, “They named a vitamin after me that year — One A Day.” Try to do better than Smalley as you name:

Correct: 0, Incorrect: 0, Remaining: 36

1. The Hall of Fame pitcher with 324 wins but just one 20-win season.

2. The player who hit his first 100 home runs in the fewest games.

3. The player who walked to lead off an inning 796 times.

4. Among the Hall of Fame pitchers from the post-1920 live-ball era, the one who has the fewest walks per nine innings.

5. The team that shut out the Los Angeles Dodgers in the last 33 innings of the 1966 World Series.

6. The player who hit the most All-Star Game home runs.

7. The second baseman who retired from major-league ball with the best slugging percentage since Rogers Hornsby.

8. The shortstop who won a Gold Glove at age 39.

9. The only pitcher whose team went 5-0 in win-or-go-home postseason games that he started.

10. The fourth outfielder (in addition to Willie Mays, Al Kaline and Ken Griffey Jr.) with at least 2,400 hits, 350 homers and nine Gold Gloves.

11. Among pitchers with at least 900 innings, the one with the lowest WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) in the live-ball era.

12. The Hall of Fame player who received the most intentional walks.

13. The pitcher with the highest winning percentage among those with at least 300 wins (or 275 wins, or 250 wins).

14. The pitcher with the best winning percentage among those with more than 200 wins.

15. The winner of the American League’s first Most Valuable Player award (he beat out Lou Gehrig, who had 185 RBIs).

16. The only St. Louis Brown to win an MVP award.

17. The player who had the most runs batted in in a season by a leadoff hitter.

18. The youngest pitcher to start an All-Star Game.

19. The oldest player in an All-Star Game.

20. The oldest player to get a hit in an All-Star Game.

21. The slugger who hit the most triples since World War II.

22. The player who came in sixth in the 1936 voting for the first Hall of Fame class, which was limited to five (Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson).

23. The pitcher who allowed the fewest hits per nine innings since 1900 among pitchers with at least 900 innings.

24. The first White Sox player to win an MVP award.

25. The only player to lead both leagues in batting average in the modern era.

26. The pitcher who threw 369 innings in 1916 without surrendering a home run.

27. The two future Hall of Fame third basemen taken on consecutive picks in the 1971 MLB draft.

28. The pitcher who has the best strikeout rate per nine innings in MLB history among pitchers with 900 or more innings.

29. The youngest player to lead the major leagues in home runs in the live-ball era.

30. The player who has the highest career batting average among Hall of Fame third basemen.

31. The only third baseman with at least 80 extra-base hits in three seasons.

32. The pitcher who has the all-time best single season WHIP, with more than 100 innings pitched.

33. The most recent player to lead all of MLB in batting average, home runs and RBIs in the same season.

34. The only pitcher of the live-ball era, with a minimum of 750 innings pitched, against whom hitters batted below .200.

First bonus question: The catcher-turned-broadcaster who said, “Bob Gibson is the luckiest pitcher in baseball. He is always pitching when the other team doesn’t score any runs.”

Second bonus question: The catcher-turned-broadcaster who said, “One time, I got pulled over at 4 a.m. I was fined $75 for being intoxicated and 400 for being with the Phillies.”

You got 0 out of 36 questions correct.

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