Opinion: The long-awaited date

It’s been ages since she’s been out on a proper date.

For most of the pandemic she has been alone. And most of the time that was just fine.

Sometimes more than fine.

She likes her own company.

She likes that she doesn’t have to go to the office.

Most of all, she likes quiet.

What she doesn’t like are the long stretches without touch …

Solitude is a great thing. Isolation, not so much.

So tonight, she is putting on a purple and yellow scarf to add a dash of color to the late-winter gray.

It’s not that she is desperate to find someone. She just wants to feel normal again.

To hang out. To go on a date once in a while …

To sometimes have a little hope. To sometimes have a little heartbreak.

It feels good to let your nose out.

A sigh of relief. She’s boosted and optimistic that after such a long time …

at least for tonight …

she’s going out …

in the world …


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