OpinionWhat strange things does 2023 have in store? Take this quiz and find out.

A person wears 2023 glasses while awaiting the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in New York City on Dec. 31, 2022. (Yuki Iwamura/Getty Images)

What a wild ride in 2022! War and upheaval — and that was just in the Republican Party. But as New York Times columnist William Safire once wrote in a year-end “Office Pool” quiz, when it comes to making bets about our crazy future, “Nostradamus himself couldn’t score over 50 percent.”

So, in the spirit of my late friend Safire, place your wagers for 2023. You’ll see my picks after you choose, marked with a gold background.

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At the end of 2023, the endgame in Ukraine will be:

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will end 2023:

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Time’s Person of the Year in 2023 will be:

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The game-changing weapon of 2023 in Ukraine will be:

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The eeriest technology development of 2023 will be:

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Iran in 2023 will be rocked by:

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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un will mark 2023 by:

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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s biggest problem in 2023 will be:

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The hottest TV series of 2023 will be:

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The blockbuster movie of 2023 will be:

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The must-read book of 2023 will be:

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The biggest economic surprise of 2023 will be:

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