For more than 10 years, Iran has been my son Jason Rezaian’s focus. In that time, while other Americans and dual Iranian American citizens spent days, weeks or months in Iran researching, teaching, filming or reporting, no other full-time American reporters were based there, to his knowledge. No others remained, year after year, dealing with the traffic, pollution and bureaucracy of Tehran, learning the language and how to thrive there.

Jason did it because he loves Iran and wanted to walk in his ancestors’ footsteps. His goal as a journalist is to dispel myths each country has about the other, first as a freelancer and now as The Post’s correspondent in Tehran.

The disputes between the United States and Iran have gone on for more than three decades. Suspicion runs deep on both sides. Jason was working to promote understanding.

Now he has been silenced. For two months, Jason and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, both credentialed journalists, have been held without being charged. By Iranian law, they are not allowed access to an attorney. This detention is taking a terrible toll, both physical and mental, on them and their families.

Does Iran wish to reinforce the skepticism and suspicion long held against it? Does it want to be viewed as an unsafe place to do business?

While the world is paying attention, Iran should demonstrate to the doubters that it is a country of laws and follows its constitution. This cruel detention is hurting Jason and Yeganeh, it is hurting our families and it is hurting Iran.

Please, release them to their mothers. Allow them to walk free.

Mary Breme Rezaian, Istanbul

In the two months since their detention, we have had little information about the condition of our daughter, Yeganeh Salehi, and her husband, Jason Rezaian. We still do not know on what charges they are being held. In the short time we were allowed to see them recently, we learned that they do not know why they are being held but are certain of their innocence. They worry about their fate.

Despite our poor health, my husband and I go to the court and prison every day in hopes of finding out news about them. We have gone through a torturous two months.

All we have heard from authorities is that their case is in the preliminary investigation stage. What have two reporters, whose passion has always been fair reporting and who have always abided by the law, done to warrant a two-month investigation?

If they have done something wrong, why aren’t they being charged? Why is their fate up in the air?

With utmost respect for the authorities and with the aim of having the voice of our families, who have endured much pain and suffered greatly, heard, I implore Iranian officials to do everything in their power to get Jason and Yeganeh released. We have found every door closed.

Fatemeh Talaei, Tehran