The Post editorial about Mitt Romney’s filing for an extension on submitting his 2011 tax return missed the mark [“Mr. Romney’s secret life,” editorial, April 23]. Mr. Romney’s campaign stated that the reason for the extension was that some companies in which he has investments hadn’t furnished information on which his tax filing could be made. I am retired and live on investment income (much more modest than Mr. Romney’s), and I have had to request extensions for precisely the same reason.

The Post lamented that the candidate’s father, George Romney, released multiple years of returns during his unsuccessful quest for the Republican presidential nomination. But the senior Romney lived at a time when the tax laws were far less complicated than they are now, and his income sources were substantially simpler (and far less voluminous) than those of his son.  

A reasonable alternative editorial might be: “Tax laws so arcane and convoluted that many investors can’t file on time.” Or how about: “Mr. Romney takes extra care to assure tax returns are accurate.”  

David James Croft, Great Falls