A flier created by the Republican Party of Virginia, which accuses Democrat Leslie Cockburn of anti-Semitism. (Courtesy of RPV)

The Aug. 28 Metro article “Flier levels anti-Semitism charge” overlooked important points. Creating and distributing a flier labeling Leslie Cockburn an anti-Semite shows that Virginia’s GOP does not understand what anti-Semitism is and the real threat it poses.

Criticism of Israeli government policies does not equal anti-Semitism. The 1991 book that is the basis for the accusations has been analyzed by independent Middle East policy experts who have concluded it is not anti-Semitic. Ms. Cockburn has been endorsed by J Street, a Jewish, pro-Israel political action committee. Importantly, a meeting of members of the Charlottesville Jewish community concluded that Ms. Cockburn is not an anti-Semite.

Second, the article said Democrats used a similar strategy against Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie last year, but it did not mention that Mr. Gillespie’s campaign produced racist ads.

Like most Jews of my generation, I lost family during the Holocaust. I have lived in Israel and worked for Jewish and Israel-based organizations. Along with a growing number of American Jews, I do not support the policies of the current Israeli government, but I am neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Israel.

I trust Ms. Cockburn to protect my human and civil rights, including my rights as a Jew.

Kathryn K. Goldfarb, Washington, Va.