In her Sept. 21 Free for All letter, “The issue is parenting, not guns,” Carole Buchanan suggested that the problem of too many American youths dying in a hail of bullets is not about access to guns but is the result of “parents who weren’t grown-ups.” 

In my family, like many others across the country, we had children whose parents were a long way from what any mature person would call “grown-ups.” But over time, these youths managed to work toward becoming mostly productive members of society without ending up on the wrong end of a gun.

What separated them from the senseless death of David Robinson [“Guns in America: In D.C., bullets leave another fatherless child,” front page, Sept. 15] was that they didn’t have easy access to guns and exposure to the gun culture. In fact, many American youths grow up in semi-functional families without dying from a gunshot wound.

Ms. Buchanan has it backward. The issue is guns, not parenting.

James Sollo, Fairfax

The writer is a member of the board of directors of the Virginia Center for Public Safety.