A worker with Virginia Dominion Power works to repair a power line at the corner of Baron Cameron Avenue and Lake Fairfax Drive in Reston in 2010. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

Robert M. Blue’s July 30 Local Opinions essay, “Corey Stewart’s power grab,” accused me of harming Prince William County’s growth prospects and jeopardizing electric service to residents. It is Dominion Energy that has engaged in smoke and mirrors from the onset.  Dominion relied on outdated growth projections for Haymarket that ignore measures taken to scale back growth. Under my leadership, we have down-zoned parcels and adopted the Data Center Overlay District to preserve the character of the region and the Rural Crescent.

Dominion’s “customers” will consume 97 percent of the transmission line’s capacity, leaving 3 percent to serve “new” customers and “maintain reliability.” Absent the data center, the transmission line would not be required under North American Electric Reliability Corp. standards. Dominion resorted to scare tactics, alleging the burden of the Interstate 66 hybrid option would raise electric bills for young families and widows. It voices no such concern for the fiscal impact of any other route on those same ratepayers.  

It is Dominion that is unwilling to find “a collaborative solution,” opting instead to make accusations regarding “political goals,” underscoring its hubris, given its millions in campaign contributions and overcharges.

Corey A. Stewart, Woodbridge

The writer, a Republican, is chairman of
the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.