Can we please stop airing grievances about speed-limit and red-light cameras [letters, Oct. 26 and 30]? These devices are a fact of life in the Washington region.

If drivers observe speed limits and pay attention to traffic lights, they should be able to avoid being caught by the cameras. However, the fact that the cameras are generating huge amounts of revenue in fines is an indication of the number of drivers who simply ignore speed limits and red lights, a serious matter in itself.

Fines for traffic infractions are an attempt at behavior modification that apparently is not working. Really, if you are traveling 10 mph or more above the posted speed limit, you are likely to get a ticket. Running red lights is dangerous. Instead of learning from the fines by slowing down and stopping at red lights, however, drivers complain about being caught breaking the law.

I would prefer that police officers focus on more serious crimes and leave the enforcement of traffic laws to cameras.

If you really think such cameras are just a revenue stream for municipalities, you can refuse to participate by not speeding or running red lights. If not, at least don’t whine when you get caught.

Terry J. Harbonic, Germantown