Regarding the July 8 front-page article “Scientists heeded call but few can find jobs”:

As a college student majoring in biology, I find it lamentable that young men and women of science are finding a dearth of available jobs after spending years in school. But Kim Haas, a pharmaceutical researcher who the article reported told her daughter, “Don’t go into science,” seems badly misguided.

Anyone who would discourage a child who loves math and chemistry from pursuing a career in science because it might be difficult to find employment might not be a scientist for the right reasons. Energetic men and women must be encouraged to enter the sciences despite these obstacles. In fact, those individuals who are passionate enough about their work to stick with it during times of hardship and who hunger to expand their, and our, knowledge of the world are the very ones we most want in the positions of prestige within the scientific community.

This prognosis of doom and gloom should be seen as a catalyst to redouble our efforts to foster creativity, ingenuity and admiration for the sciences.

Daniel Jordan, Washington