The Sept. 19 Metro article “Business leaders call for better bus service” caught my attention. The article could not be timelier. Attracting new riders, as well as retaining and improving service for existing riders, has resulted in strategic initiatives in the D.C. area to improve the reliability and efficiency of the region’s bus network. 

At the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA), we recognize residents’ need for efficient public transportation and are funding projects across Northern Virginia to provide better options for riders while alleviating the congestion giving so many drivers headaches. Those living in Northern Virginia should know that their voices are being heard, and plans to improve public transit are in the works, including the NVTA’s recently adopted Six Year Program to fund 44 multimodal transportation projects totaling nearly $1.3 billion.

The article talked about the desire to reverse the trend of commuters turning away from taking the bus. The process to reverse the trend is underway.

Monica Backmon, Fairfax

The writer is executive director of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.