As President Trump’s associates celebrated Ivanka Trump for her Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, people around the world suffer because of the Trump administration’s egregious reproductive health policies.

How does Ms. Trump expect people to become economically empowered when her father’s administration has worked to ensure that they can’t have control over their reproductive lives? It is impossible to “empower millions of women to lift their families out of poverty,” as Ms. Trump claims, without providing access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception, pre- and postnatal care and safe abortion.

In imposing the global gag rule and blocking funding to the United Nations Population Fund, the Trump administration has harmed the reproductive health of people around the world.

Ms. Trump’s complicity as her father’s administration has effectively gutted global health assistance reveals everything you need to know about her supposed commitment to women’s empowerment. If Ms. Trump cared about empowering women around the world, she would stand up and speak out against the horrendous policies of the Trump administration. Instead, she has aided and abetted one of the worst assaults on reproductive health and rights in recent memory.

Rebecca Harrington, Washington

The writer is senior director of advocacy and outreach at Population Connection Action Fund.