The Feb. 21 editorial “Muriel Bowser for mayor ” lauded me for major accomplishments that helped revitalize the District and for my ability to “get things done” but said I lack a “robust vision” for the city.

Here is my vision: I want to establish the District as a great city of the world, with a robust economy and a public school system whose graduates go on to achieve great things. My vision is to establish a shared mission between the government and private sector to prepare citizens of the District for economic opportunities and to address major issues such as affordability, public safety and the achievement gap between white and black students. These are not easy tasks, nor are they things just any mayor can accomplish.

Ten years ago, I had the vision of what baseball would mean for the city and fought to secure the votes needed. I fought hard, too, to build the Washington Convention Center and the Verizon Center. These projects brought jobs and millions of dollars to the city — dollars that were used to enhance our public education, improve city services and increase the city’s rainy-day fund to $1.5 billion.

I have a vision for the District and a record of accomplishment that demonstrates I am ready to be mayor.

Jack Evans, Washington

The writer, a Democrat, represents Ward 2 on the D.C. Council and is a candidate for mayor.