Leaders of the United Methodist Church confer during the 2019 special session of the church’s General Conference in St. Louis on Feb. 26. (Sid Hastings/AP)

In his March 10 op-ed, “Stop casting stones, reverends,” David Von Drehle noted the biblical account of how, to stop the stoning of a woman accused of adultery, Jesus called out to the assembled crowd: “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” Mr. Von Drehle maintained that that is consistent with what he found in a progressive church pastored by the Rev. Adam Hamilton that resists the recent decision of a special session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church to continue to oppose same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly avowed and practicing homosexuals.  

Mr. Von Drehle failed to include, however, that Jesus told the adulteress that though he did not condemn her, she should “go and sin no more.” Clearly, Jesus showed love, mercy and forgiveness to the sinner but also did not condone the sin. That ideal of loving the sinner but rejecting the practice of sin is more representative of the position of church traditionalists than what Mr. Von Drehle alleged.

Steve Freeman, Springfield