For the first decades of Israel’s existence, neighboring countries tried to wipe it off the map via conventional wars. Israel survived. Later, suicide bombers and terrorists launched multiple intifadas, bombing buses, pizza restaurants, shopping malls and Passover seders with abandon. Israel survived. The latest war against Israel comes from the so-called boycott-divest-sanction (BDS) movement.

Israel will survive again, but this history proves why Sharon Jacobs [“A voice the D.C. JCC doesn’t think we should hear,” Local Opinions, Feb. 9] could not have been more wrong in arguing that Jewish institutions are obligated to provide a forum for people who, in any form, espouse the boycott- divest-sanction strategy. Proponents of BDS may fashion themselves as “peacemakers” or “friends” of Israel, but they are just a newer form of the same effort to weaken and destroy Israel that has been ongoing for seven decades. Jewish organizations owe proponents of Israel’s destruction no forum.

Glenn M. Taubman, Annandale