I was amused to learn this week that a baby boomer can be both old and young at the same time. Regarding Vice President Biden’s presidential chances in 2016 [“For Biden, dreams vs. realities,” front page, May 3], the question was raised: “Would the country effectively turn backward by picking a baby-boomer white man to succeed a youthful black president?” Clearly we are to read baby boomer as “old.” I can well imagine that, for those whose parents (or even grandparents) were born during the years 1946 to 1964, the term may well be a handy euphemism. But it is the “youthful” President Obama — born in 1961 — who is the baby boomer. As the article points out, Biden is 70 — born in 1942. It may be that Biden will decide that his age is a barrier to a successful campaign, but it will not be because he is a baby boomer. Let’s put this meaningless label to rest.

Jennifer DiGiovanna, Frederick

Joe Biden was born in 1942. He is not a baby boomer. We may be old, but we’re not that old.

David F. Wright, Falls Church