What is it about human nature whereby negative responses often compel us to do something more forcefully than do positive responses? I am writing my first letter to The Post, and I am bucking human nature by providing positive feedback.

As a weekly subscriber for more than 30 years, I continue to value The Post’s investment in background stories that explain the why in what is happening; exposé journalism, calling out those who should be policing themselves but never do; poignant, timely journalistic photography; and the spirit-enriching stories and entertainment found in WP Magazine.

The “Fiction Issue” of the Nov. 17 Magazine was particularly enjoyable for me, a working mom who rarely has time to read a whole book except on vacation. I read every article, cover to cover, and even asked my music-loving husband what a trance DJ’s music sounds like — and how he makes that music with six record players when it seems that no one makes actual records anymore.

Please continue to enlighten me and keep me connected to the full range of life. I love how you cover it all, from accomplishments by federal workers to the science behind our natural and man-made world to travel stories near and far. And please also keep featuring the beautiful photographs that simply mark the moment. They always make me smile and lift my heart.

Christine Hackett, Potomac Falls