We can do little for the grief-stricken families who have lost their children to gun violence, but all of us can do something to make guns less available to those who would use them to harm others.

If you own a gun, keep it in a gun safe where no other person can get to it. Keep the ammunition also in a locked, safe place. If you have no gun, encourage those who do to lock their guns.

My choice is to own no guns, and I would urge others to consider that possibility. But those who do have weapons should begin to take steps toward better gun-safety practices.

We now live in an atmosphere of fear. If, however, we remember the admonition to love one’s neighbor and we reach out to those in need and those who are being led from fear to anger, we can do more to build safer communities than any weapon will ever do.

Sheila Kryston, Lovettsville