I would like to thank George F. Will for speaking truth to the power of close-minded academics [“The closed American mind,” op-ed, Dec. 2]. When did we Americans get it into our heads that we have any right not to be offended?

I am tired of hearing thin-skinned whiners complain about being offended. You’re offended? Who cares. Eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But don’t imagine I’m going to change how I think or speak to you.

This nonsense about “sensitivity” is the first step toward censorship and fascism. The freedom to offend is the freedom of speech. When we lose the first, we have lost the whole. It is ironic that U.S. universities, supposedly bastions of expression and learning, should become factories for mass-producing obedient zombies that toe the political-correctness line.

Michael Vann, Alexandria