Melissa M. Horton’s lack of personal accountability and sense of entitlement [“Forever a debtor, after college,” op-ed, March 18] are astonishing.

In writing about the loans her parents obtained for her but had no understanding of, she said, “Looking back, it’s easy to say that my parents failed.” That facile statement and the implied assumption that someone else should pick up the tab for her outstanding loans make it also “easy to say” how the national debt has spiraled out of control. It’s because of the lack of awareness that money is not created by legislation; it is collected from taxpayers.

My experiences parallel Ms. Horton’s almost precisely. I saved and worked several jobs to pay for school, served in the Marine Corps as a judge advocate and then began repaying my student loans. At no time did I assume that taxpayers should help me, as Ms. Horton and the legislation she supports propose. I paid for my education and would expect her to pay for hers.

Joe Crouse, Vienna