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Opinion Keeping the R-name controversy alive

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The Dec. 9 news article “United effort for new stadium” stated that the “controversy over the team’s name has subsided.” That same day, Rebrand Washington Football, a grass-roots group of fans, and Native American allies delivered petitions signed by 1,800 people to team officials at R-skins Park demanding that the team change its name, which is a dictionary-defined racial slur. Over the past four years, our group has delivered 7,100 petition signatures. We interact with and educate tens of thousands of D.C. area residents annually as we gather petitions.

Across the country, nearly 2,000 high schools have eliminated racially insensitive Native American mascots and logos. In the past 25 years, 28 schools have eliminated the R-skins name and logo. Change is coming, and the demand for such is not subsiding. Finally, Rebrand Washington Football will oppose any effort to bring the team back to the District until its racist name is changed.

Josh Silver, Bethesda

The writer is co-founder of
Rebrand Washington Football.