Regarding the March 31 news article “Cuccinelli’s Star Scientific shares were disclosed after delay”:

Using the financial disclosure information in The Post’s article and the related chart, we learn that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II bought 5,060 shares of Star Scientific in October 2010. At $1.98 a share, he paid a total of $10,018.80. But by the end of 2010 the share price had decreased, so that the value of his shares was $9,867 — below the amount at which Mr. Cuccinelli would have had to disclose his ownership.

In 2011, the article reported, Mr. Cuccinelli’s financial adviser bought 3,600 shares in Star Scientific. The stock price closed 2011 at $2.18, bringing the total value of all the shares — the additional 3,600 and the original 5,060 — Mr. Cuccinelli owned to $18,879.

I am willing to suspend judgment on whether Mr. Cuccinelli knew of his financial adviser’s actions. However, if he knew that the value of his original 5,060 shares had dropped below $10,000 at the end of 2010, why didn’t he realize that those shares were worth more than $11,000 at the end of 2011 and declare at least those shares before the middle of 2012?

Alison F. Fields, Washington