On Oct. 3, PostOpinions blogger Jennifer Rubin did a professional job of debunking a deeply flawed report about Koch Industries. Hers was among the first of numerous critiques of the Bloomberg Markets magazine article, as many reporters and bloggers detailed how Bloomberg used biased and deceitful sources, gave in to political bias and ignored countervailing facts so blatantly that Rubin called it “comical.” We have chronicled those accounts at KochFacts.com.

The only ones not paying attention apparently were Post editors, since the Bloomberg piece was reprinted, many days after it had been journalistically discredited, in the Oct. 9 business section. Post editors made no effort to heed the laundry list of serious problems that were flagged by Rubin, ourselves and many others. Had the editors bothered to call us, we would have provided that input.

Thus, Post readers were treated to a story that was not merely warmed over and a week late but one that had been thoroughly torched by one of its own bylined journalists.

Melissa Cohlmia, Wichita, Kan.

The writer is director of corporate communication for Koch Companies Public Sector.