Regarding Joe Scarborough and Jeffrey D. Sachs’s March 8 column “Paying for our priorities”:

The writers leave out a key point. They argue that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has flip-flopped on the danger of deficits to now argue that high unemployment is the biggest problem.

Actually, Mr. Krugman has been quite consistent. It’s just that Mr. Scarborough and Mr. Sachs left out some key words. Mr. Krugman’s position is that deficits are more important in good economic times, but a primary focus on reducing deficits is problematic in a serious economic downturn. So whether or not deficits are priority depends on the state of the economy.

The evidence supports Mr. Krugman. Countries that prioritized deficit reduction are doing worse than the United States.

William S. Kremen, Carlsbad, Calif.