I appreciated Joan Reinthaler’s Aug. 15 letter, “Fill the seats with young people,” suggesting that classical music organizations must build for their future by attracting children. But the National Philharmonic is not the only group that is appealing to younger listeners. In Arlington, Opera Nova has been putting on abbreviated operas for many years, bringing in 3,000 children per year on school buses to see such works as “The Barber of Seville, “The Magic Flute” and, this year, “La Cenerentola,” or “Cinderella.” Next spring it will stage a musical based on “Charlotte’s Web.”

Michael Doan, Arlington

I thoroughly enjoyed the Aug. 12 Arts & Style article “Classical music for beginners” — right up to the sentence regarding piano trios: “and I bypass Robert Schumann’s in favor of the nice one by his wife” (whose name is not mentioned).

The sentence may well have included Clara’s name and not her husband’s.

Nancy Bonner, Charlottesville