As an old woman, I am amused at the latest political sex scandal. Is every politician with testosterone looking for extramarital sexual encounters? What thrill does a middle-age politician need that politics doesn’t satisfy?

I don’t know whether Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) will be able to live this scandal down. It wasn’t even about sex, that we know of, merely pictures on Twitter. I could feel sorry for the congressman, but he’s just another male politician with an inflated ego.

Phyllis Berlant-Abrams, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

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Regarding Alexandra Petri’s June 7 blog post “Twitter makes fools of us all”:

Twitter doesn’t make fools out of us. People who are already foolish, immature and full of “asinine urges” make fools out of themselves. Rep. Anthony Weiner tried to blame everyone else for his failings. When that didn’t work, he finally confessed and took blame for his actions, as he should have days ago. What Ms. Petri has attempted to do is to provide Mr. Weiner, and others of his ilk, with another convenient out: “Twitter made me do it!”

Elaine J. Lancaster, Newburg, Md.


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If Rep. Anthony Weiner were simply Mr. Tony Frankfurter, the media would not have paid the slightest bit of attention to what he did. Yes, it was stupid and showed great lack of judgment, but the sad fact is that thousands of people engage in similar activity every day. It is not admirable, but, unfortunately, it reflects modern society.

There are far more important things for the media to focus on. The American people would be far better off hearing or reading about the Afghan war and the unemployment rate. It is not news that some elected officials occasionally show poor judgment.

Barbara van Voorst, Arlington

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