Haitian presidential candidate Jovenel Moise. (Dieu Nalio Chery/Associated Press)

The May 18 editorial “When will Haiti hold elections?” accurately pointed out that the only mandate of Haiti’s provisional president was to organize a second round of elections on April 24, but instead he is focusing on everything except elections to hold on to power. 

The editorial board described me as “obscure.” I was the handpicked successor of democratically elected President Michel Martelly. I won the first round of elections, which were favorably observed by the international community. It was a historic election that saw greater voter participation outside the traditional voting hub of Port-au-Prince.

I have been involved in my country’s politics for more than a decade. I was president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest of Haiti and a board member of the Haitian National Chamber of Commerce. I am also the proud owner and developer of a major agriculture business in northern Haiti that exports bananas to Europe. In setting up my business, I have stimulated the economy and generated hundreds of jobs. The basis of my presidential platform is to create jobs, stimulate the economy, provide food security and generate exports. 

There is no legal, technical or logical reason to continue to delay elections. The Haitian people deserve an elected president, not one who is selected by the political elite.

Jovenel Moise, Port-au-Prince, Haiti