Robert McCartney’s June 14 Metro column, “Loudoun moves toward ‘yes’ on Silver Line,” contradicted itself by its own points and did not give adequate voice to the opposition.

First, what is wrong with being a bedroom community? The idea is stated as if it were despicable. Many successful communities — such as Westchester, N.Y., where I grew up — serve this function.

As to living close to work, that defeats the purpose of having rail, depending on what “close” means. The article quoted an individual saying, “We want to be able to work close to home and live close to entertainment.” If you live next to work, then rail doesn’t get you anywhere. You don’t take rail to go a mile or two. Does she mean living in Loudoun County and working in Tysons Corner? Is that “close”? If so, then she is using Loudoun as a bedroom community, which she says she does not want to do.

If supporters want an urban environment, they can move to the District or Tysons Corner. I don’t think most people moved to Loudoun to be urbanized; I certainly didn’t move to Reston for that. If they think that the lifestyle they chose Loudoun for will remain the same with rail, they are sadly mistaken.

Bruce Kirschenbaum, Reston