National Rifle Association members in Houston on May 4, 2013. (Johnny Hanson/The Houston Chronicle via AP)

In his Sept. 7 op-ed, “No, San Francisco. The NRA is not a ‘domestic terrorist organization.,’ ” Henry Olsen did what the right always does to those who do not agree with its priorities: call names. “McCarthyism, pure and simple.” Why not have a respectful conversation about why the National Rifle Association was called a terrorist organization? Certainly a group of people being attacked by a gunman is terrorized.

It is true that the NRA has promoted the proliferation of guns. It has opposed almost all proposed laws to keep guns away from people who shouldn’t have them. It has spent millions of dollars on donations to politicians to promote its point of view.

How about a conversation to discuss these facts? A person without a gun cannot die by suicide with a gun. A person without a gun cannot carelessly leave one where a child can get it and cause a terrible accident. A person without an assault-style gun and many rounds of ammunition cannot walk into a room and kill four or more people before anyone can react.

Conservatives will not even discuss these things. They resort to name-calling and vilifying liberals and then act self-righteously shocked when liberals react in kind.

Shirley Lytle, Falls Church

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