It was surprising that the Sept. 4 editorial “Appalling repression in Xinjiang” concluded that China is seeking to wipe out the Uighurs based on an investigation with flawed evidence and questionable sponsoring.

There has been no lack of smearing of China’s Xinjiang policy, but to launch a charge merely based on things such as the tile color of the buildings on the map, as the BuzzFeed investigation does, is not just unconvincing but also irresponsible. In fact, some buildings have proved only to be an apartment complex. It is even more dubious when attention is paid to its acknowledgment: It is supported by some scholars and organizations who have a habit of spreading disinformation about China.

Is China really trying to wipe out the Uighurs then? Check out the statistics. Between 2010 and 2018, the Uighur population in Xinjiang rose from 10.17 million to 12.71 million, up by 25 percent, a growth rate much higher than that of the Han population or the whole population of Xinjiang. There are 24,000 mosques in the region, one for every 530 Muslims, a better situation than in many Muslim countries. These hard facts are powerful enough to prove the absurdity of the “incarceration and cultural annihilation” of the Uighurs. It’s not difficult for anyone who is not biased to come to the right conclusion.

Li Mengyuan, Washington

The writer is a second secretary of the Chinese Embassy in the United States.