Having reviewed online the images available of Hunter Biden’s work, I must express my anger with Meghan Kruger’s mean and ugly array of her — uh — creative depictions of his work [“Sneak Preview! Paintings from the Hunter Biden Art Show.,” op-ed, July 19]. As a lifelong artist (federal government senior graphics designer, college professor and exhibited and published painter and photographer), I found Ms. Kruger’s depictions and missives nasty and unwarranted.

As for the suggested prices, it needs to be said that the artist whose work is to be displayed in a gallery must pay for transportation, framing, hanging and insurance, and the gallery owner will take a commission of at least 45 percent of the sale price.

President Biden’s son should not be compared to the former president’s daughter, sons and son-in-law — and Mr. T himself.

Lizbeth Carr CarrollWashington