Regarding the Oct. 9 news article “U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran, defying allies”:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement of additional sanctions on Iran is hard to reconcile with the president’s alleged desire to end the “endless wars.” The administration’s actions will further devastate the Iranian economy and make Iran even more likely to instigate some hostile military action in response, just as happened last year when the United States imposed an embargo on Iranian oil. How convenient to escalate tensions in the Middle East just before the election.

Does the administration hope that this will rally voters around the president in a burst of misplaced patriotism? What a scary thought. Voters would do well to remember that withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal has only resulted in Iran returning to its nuclear enrichment program and endangering the region more than ever. The only lasting security can be obtained through diplomacy and international cooperation, not by implementing punishing sanctions and threatening the use of force. 

Cathy Tunis, Reston