Alan Harshman of Myersville, Md., uses a leaf blower to clear off a dusting of snow on his uncle's driveway in Myersville. (RICKY CARIOTI/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Regarding the April 16 Metro article “Elrich struggles on climate pledges”:

Montgomery County Executive Mark Elrich (D) could show leadership toward achieving Montgomery County’s ambitious climate change goals by phasing out gas-powered leaf blowers in favor of electric ones. The carbon dioxide emissions of gas-powered leaf blowers are three to nine times greater than electric ones. If powered by solar, which some local landscapers use, electric-powered blowers are carbon-free.

Montgomery County should immediately enact legislation to phase out noisy, gas-powered leaf blowers and facilitate the shift by residents and landscape companies toward cleaner and quieter lawn equipment, following the lead of D.C., the Village of Chevy Chase and other enlightened jurisdictions.

Chessa LutterBethesda

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