The cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline by TC Energy is an indicator that pipelines’ days are past [“Keystone XL project developer pulls plug,” front page, June 10]. The Mountain Valley Pipeline being constructed to bring fracked natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina is equally doomed to fail. 

EQM Midstream Partners has extended the completion date repeatedly and continues to pour billions of dollars into its construction, despite predictions that the fracked gas will not last more than 15 years. Concerned citizens have protested the pipeline from the beginning. People were arrested on June 2 for blocking the entrance to a pipeline construction site for seven hours.

Those standing in the way of the pipeline come from all walks of life and are deeply concerned about the fragile limestone geography of the Appalachian Mountains and polluted water sources. They are but a tiny fraction of the people who oppose a pipeline that will contribute greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 23 coal power plants. Energy companies will try everything to produce a profit without concern for environmental consequences. It’s time for President Biden to place a moratorium on all pipeline projects.

Kirstin De Mello, Vienna