Regarding the May 8 Style article “Everybody was a somebody to Cafritz”:

Buffy Cafritz was a longtime customer of Bill Dove at Dove Flowers, where I worked for several years in the early 1980s. She entertained the top tier of the rich and powerful. We did flowers throughout her house when she entertained.

Dove would pace, chain-smoke, have tantrums and curse (all things he was legendary for) and be at his most incorrigible when creating the model for what ultimately graced six centerpiece dining tables. A designer always went along with the driver for the delivery, and I had the honor of doing it many times. Someone had to go along because there were some things that had to be done at her house: using her vases for orange lilies on the grand piano, yellow roses in the main floor powder room, cornflowers on the sitting room mantel, pink roses in her private bathroom and a single red rose in her husband’s dressing room. 

It was pretty cool to wander around the house putting flowers here and there. And there was often buzzy pre-party excitement with all the clatter (and stress) coming from the kitchen as the hours ticked down. A well-known food stylist friend of Dove’s, Susan Foresman, always planned the menus and oversaw the cooking, so if I had time, sometimes I would pop in there to see what they were cooking. Cafritz made my job fun.

Vicki Lindsay, McLean