Regarding the Aug. 10 editorial “Celebrate sports, not dictatorship”:

International opinion polls show that the Chinese people’s approving rate of the Chinese government has been around 90 percent for many years. The path chosen by the Chinese people has been proved correct and will not be discredited or denied by media outlets or politicians. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs. China’s sovereignty allows no external interference. This is also a basic tenet of international law.

Speaking of human rights, it is believed that the United States created large-scale humanitarian crises and human rights disasters in Iraq and Syria. There are also many instances of human rights violations in the United States. Following the logic of the editorial, I cannot but ask whether the United States is qualified to host the Olympics. The “boycott” called for in the editorial is actually an attempt to kidnap global athletes and companies with an ignorance and anti-intellectualism to attack China at their expenses. In fact, what we should truly boycott is such an attempt to use “human rights” to politicize the Olympics.

Liu Pengyu, Washington

The writer is minister-counselor and spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy.