The April 18 Sports article “Men’s college gymnastics is teetering on the edge,” an alarming report on the demise of gymnastics at the University of Minnesota, showed college sports for what they are: a farm system for the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

Minnesota is not some small liberal arts college struggling to attract students. It is a major institution funded by state and federal tax dollars. It has an obligation to all the high school student-athletes in Minnesota to provide the next level of excellence in their sports.

This is not a decision that should be left to the athletic department or university administration. This should be reconsidered by the state legislature and voters.

I am reminded of the reaction to the video of the women’s weight room for the NCAA basketball tournament. The injustice was immediately corrected. But this was basketball in the middle of the March Madness TV spectacle. Gymnastics is still a TV draw, and the sports networks and commentators need to take up the cause of college sports other than football and basketball.

Dan Thompson, Wheaton