The United Nations climate summit is in two months, and we must show China and the world we are serious about climate change for them to be serious. The $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan is key.

Yes, as Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) and others recognize, the plan is very large and risks increasing the deficit/debt and inflation and leaving us broke to face future disasters. The plan authors address these risks, i.e., “fair share” taxes to prevent more deficits and debt, Federal Reserve tools to manage inflation and a robust economy to face future disasters.

Plans rarely unfold as badly as some fear, nor as well as others hope. But these arguments miss the greatest risk: Delay in passing the plan will lead to “politics as usual” — a deadlocked Congress that gets nothing done. We cannot risk getting nothing done. It is late, and the cost of inaction is growing dramatically. We cannot afford more “once in a century” hurricanes, floods, forest fires, droughts, heat waves, etc. occurring multiple times every year. That is the real risk.

We must act now and pass the Build Back Better plan. Shine the light and show the world we are serious about climate change.

Patrick McGregor, Millersville