I appreciated the Oct. 6 editorial “Don’t be deterred from voting,” particularly the request that officials of both parties stand up publicly for voting. We want these officials to speak up for a fair and complete count of the vote. 

In Maryland, a new campaign called “Count Every Vote! Maryland” is asking elected officials to take a pledge to work to ensure all votes are counted, to publicly support people who peaceably demonstrate in favor of all votes being counted and to insist on a peaceful transfer of power if that is what the vote count requires. Forty organizations, representing thousands of people in Maryland who are members of faith, civic and political groups, have signed on to a letter asking this of elected officials.  

If some of the direst predictions come true after Nov. 3, we now have in place a coalition of organizations across the state that can come together quickly to combat a coup. We hope this work will be sufficiently successful to educate voters and deter those who wish to tamper with the election results.

Jean Athey, Baltimore

The writer is coordinator of the
Baltimore Quaker Nonviolence Action Project.