We found the June 23 Metro article “Couple’s tax refund docked to pay old U-Va. medical debt” very poignant, as we have a similar issue with the state of Virginia. However, in our case, there was no outstanding debt, simply errors on the part of multiple agencies within the state. Last year, our state income tax refund was reduced $110 because of an outstanding debt we owed to the city of Richmond. According to state records, we owed back personal property taxes on three vehicles registered in Richmond.

This was clearly a mistake because we have never lived nor registered a vehicle in Richmond in our lives. As a matter of fact, we have lived at the same address in Fairfax County for the past 26 years, and we have a perfect record of paying our property tax to Fairfax County on every vehicle we have owned during that time frame.

Despite contacting and providing copies of detailed records to multiple members of the Richmond government — including the city treasurer directly, multiple requests to our local representatives, and contacts with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and Fairfax County government — we have not received our money back. Instead, we have nearly a year’s frustration, finger-pointing and shoulder-shrugging and have been ignored by nearly every office.

Docking a refund because of an outstanding debt is one thing; docking a refund because of government mismanagement at the local and state levels is theft. Failing to correct the mistake is reprehensible.

Lorraine and Jeff AllisonBurke