Much has been discussed as to how to deal with President Trump after he leaves office: Should he be prosecuted, by whom and for what? Or should he be pardoned for the sake of “healing” the nation and move on?

But not to prosecute him really means that any act, any degree of despotism will go unpunished. Not pursuing justice sends a clear message to our presidents and leaders and citizens everywhere that criminality goes unpunished. We say “no one is above the law” — unless they are. Have we reached the age of impunity?

Martin C. Shargel, Bethesda

President Trump’s continual violation of the emoluments clause and his violation of the Voting Rights Act should be prosecuted — if for no other reason than that they are gross violations of the Constitution.

But perhaps the worst thing Mr. Trump has done was his inhumane treatment of immigrants. If we want to remain a civilized nation or a nation at all, we cannot let either presidents or anyone else get away with kidnapping children and flying them off alone to fend for themselves. 

What about Mr. Trump’s constant lies, downplaying and unwillingness to address the coronavirus or to even wear a mask? How many refugees and their children have died from Mr. Trump’s inhumane treatment at the border? How many thousands of Americans have died or will die because of Mr. Trump’s gross lies and negligence regarding the coronavirus pandemic? Just how many deaths does it take before we prosecute a president?

Richard Aberdeen, Hermitage, Tenn.