The May 14 editorial addressing the “mystery attacks” targeting Americans, including our diplomats serving abroad, quite rightly calls for a focused, data-driven, science-based investigation into the sources and methods of these attacks. As members of an organization that includes active-duty and retired Foreign Service and civil service officers, we at DACOR agree that it is time to merge efforts by the State Department, the Pentagon and other agencies to identify and stop those responsible for the injuries sustained by our diplomats and other government employees. 

American diplomats serving abroad shoulder many responsibilities, including looking out for the safety of Americans living, working and traveling in foreign countries. If American diplomats and other government employees are to do their jobs, they deserve to be effectively protected and to know that officials at the highest level of our government have their backs.

Paul Denig, Washington

The writer is president of DACOR, which supports the Foreign Service and works to preserve the historic
DACOR Bacon House.